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Exoto Tyrell Ford Type P34 - Patrick Depailler

Exoto Tyrell Ford Type P34 - Patrick Depailler - Diecast

Price - $209.95
Shipping - $10.00


Exoto Tyrell Ford Type P34 - Patrick Depailler - Diecast

Exoto Tyrell Ford Type P34 - Patrick Depailler - Diecast

This is a 1/18 scale model of the 1976 Tyrell Ford Type P34 which was run in the Grand Prix of Sweden by Patrick Depailler.
This model has already been retired and we still have a few pieces left. They are becoming very difficult to find. The last few were being sold by Exoto at $249.95. 

Exoto is in our opinion, the premier diecast automotive model maker. None of the other diecasts compare in detail. The engine has little ignition wiring, the radiator has small fins, some of the models have imitation carpeting or cloth seat backing! It goes without saying that the hood, trunk, doors and steering are fully functional.  If you want the nicest diecasts made, then the Exoto models are for you. 

Shipping is fixed at $10.00 for all Exoto die-casts, which includes insurance. International shipping (including Alaska and Hawaii) are quoted as needed.

EXOTO diecasts are the ultimate in collectible automotive diecasts. They are sought after and purchased  by serious diecast collectors. As such, our customers expect to purchase unopened collectible models from us. Returns are not accepted for any Exoto Diecasts that have been opened.